We are an applied AI company, with core expertise in R&D of AI models to suit business requirements, solve business challenges or empower products.


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Alchemy with AI.



Some of the biggest and most important government and commercial organizations on the globe are dependent on MCGs products and solutions. Every inch of data from provenance to deployment undergoes series of transformations which has to be quantified and justified with Mathematical rigor and then we arrive at a decision. Our technology also has the ability to interpret the models showing our clients as to how we arrived to a decision. This makes our platform more credible and our customers trusts the decision made by our products / solutions.



To bring credibility to the model data has to be understood and analyzed. Showing insights to our users and the evolution of data will help bring more credibility to the users.


As the data is being analyzed, formulation of ideas begin upon which the model has to designed. Theoretical frameworks are analyzed to prove the robustness of the formulation.


Based on the formulated ideas the design of the model begins. Decision is taken by the model after we have tested and validated the model through rigorous experiments based on Mathematical theories.


After modelling the model is trained continuously through distributed computing using various machine learning and Deep Learning approaches. Here care is taken to maximize the accuracy, efficiency of the model by reducing the training time using various linear algebra and probabilistic approaches. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint.


The trained model is deployed across platforms. Care is taken to make sure that the trained model works across devices including mobile, cameras, edge devices etc. In evolving environments its essential to have continuous deployment.


At MCG we believe data privacy is a fundamental right. As much as possible all the data of our clients are kept in private. Every model is designed from ground up to protect information. We have shown our clients that for amazing experiences doesn’t have to come at the expense of privacy.